Church History


The Rich History of the Evergreen Baptist Church


Evergreen Baptist Church mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, to maintain the worship of God, follow leadership of the Pastor as he is being led by the Holy Spirit and to inspire in all persons a love for Christ, a passion for righteousness, and a consciousness of their duties to God and their fellow human beings. 

We pledge our lives to Christ and covenant with each other to demonstrate His Spirit through worship, witnessing, and ministry.

We live to:

To seek and bring lost souls to Christ 

To Share the Good News

To Love and Worship God

To Love Others and Serve Others

To Know God's Word 

To Know God's Love

To Share God's Word 

To Share God's Love

To Show (Live) God's Word 

To Show God's Love

To See GOD

To See Good in All

To Hear GOD

To Hear Good

To Speak Good

To Speak of GOD

To Feel Good

To Feel GOD

To Taste and see that the LORD is Good

To Show Others GOD

To Do Good 

The first home of the Evergreen Baptist Church was an old fish house located at the corner of Jordan Street and Texas Avenue. It was in this house a small group met under the leadership of the Reverend Aaron Wells to organize this church on 

August 16, 1878. 


Rev. Aaron Wells

The first pastor was Rev. Aaron Wells, who served up until his resignation. 


Rev. Thomas Christian

The second Pastor Rev. Thomas Christian, served for one year and was called from labor to reward.


Rev. I. A. Carter

Evergreen's third pastor was Rev. I. A. Carter who desired a better location for the church. The church was moved to the corner of Christian and Shreve streets where a beautiful frame building was erected. Rev. Carter, served as pastor for forty-two years until his death on August 22, 1922,


Rev. J. E. Evans

On February 4. 1923, the Rev. J. E. Evans was elected the fourth pastor of the Evergreen Church and served for seventeen years before being called from labor to reward.


Rev. J. R. Retledge

The fifth pastor the Rev. J. R. Retledge, accepted the call to pastor the Evergreen Baptist Church in November 1940. He began with the paying off of the church's indebtedness and the enlargement of the church building at a considerable cost. Among the many programs were the organizing of Speaking Choirs 1 and 2 along with an accredited leadership study course and the male chorus. Because of the construction of the 1-20 Expressway, the church had to be relocated. Property at the corner of Allen Avenue and Poland Street was purchased. The Octagon building (now our multi-purpose building) was erected and was dedicated on September 4th, 1960. On November 7, 1967, Rev. James R. Retledge was called from labor to reward after twenty-seven years of faithful service.


Rev. Charlie Jefferson

Rev. Charlie Jefferson was called as the sixth pastor of the Evergreen Baptist Church on June 3, 1968 and he accepted the duties on June 17th of that year. Under his leadership, the indebtedness of the church was paid off within ten months. Pastor Jefferson had a dream, a divine revelation and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, he led the congregation into a new sanctuary on June 1, 1986. The cost of the building was just over $700,000. The liquidation of the note on what is called "Jefferson Chapel" was done within two-and a half years. On January 29, 2001, Pastor Charlie John Jefferson was called from labor to reward and the search for a pastor began.


Rev. Aaron Lynn Dobynes

On June 2, 2001 pastor seven  Rev. Aaron Lynn Dobynes of Sprott, Alabama was chosen to be our leader. His efforts to unite us. as pastor and people started with a mandate that "Evergreen, was a Great Place to Grow," (Getting Ready on the Word); along with the introduction and exposure to noted pastors and preachers from across the nation; and as pastor, exhibiting the gifts that could only come from the Lord as he proclaimed and taught the Gospel of Christ. On May 1, 2014, Pastor Aaron Doybnes, offered his resignation to the Evergreen Congregation.

Rev. Arthur Douglas Jr


Rev. Arthur Douglas Jr

On March 29, 2015, Rev. Arthur Douglas. Jr., was elected as the eighth pastor of the Evergreen Baptist Church and preached his first sermon as our Pastor on April 12, 2015. On June 7, 2015 Pastor Arthur Douglas, Jr. was officially installed.    

In just a brief time, this man of God has immersed himself in the teaching, preaching and advancing the Gospel of Christ within the ministries of our church and beyond. Internally, our Bible Study, Prayer Meetings as well as other ministries are thriving. His administrative abilities and leadership skills have enhanced the day-to-day operations of the church. 

With our theme "Lifting Jesus," it is evident that Evergreen Baptist Church will continue to shine as a bright luminary in the sky and the rich history of our church will continue to Shine Brightly for all men to see.